Why Work With Us?

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Change your life for the better with IVAS.

Work from home, make more money & spend more time with family!


You might have looked into other virtual assistant companies before. If so, you might be thinking…

What makes IVAS different?

To start with, you get to work from home with set hours!

Every IVAS virtual assistant is guaranteed full time employment. Your schedule will be consistent each week allowing for extra time with friends and family.

What is the starting pay?

Starting pay is 30,000 pesos net and includes health insurance after 6 months!

That’s right, not only does IVAS pay high salaries but benefits are included. Yearly salary increases are standard not to mention the opportunity for growth.

IVAS is growing rapidly and rewards Rockstar Virtual Assistants with opportunity for growth based on merit and skills.

IVAS truly is a team working toward one common goal with uncommon success. Just because you work virtually doesn’t mean you’ll be working alone. We are a team. You’ll be provided with continuous training and any additional help along the way.

IVAS owners are hands on with an “open door” policy, available to all employees anytime. When you join our team, you join a thriving culture built on our core values. Each individual is valued and recognized as an important member of the team.

What are you waiting for?

Send your resume now to careers@investorvaservices.com.

There is no better option. Apply to Investor VA services today.

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